• Personal Advisor

Assistance and counselling for private and business matters (Independent and experienced conversational partner)

  • Strategy Consultant

Assistance and counselling for strategic decision making (Sounding board, different viewpoints, independent judgement, effects and consequence analysis)

  • Cross Cultural Counsel

Counselling for Euro-Asian (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) communication and business rules

  • Creativity Counsel

Assistance and counselling for the creation of new ideas and concepts for business improvements and growth (De Bono - Lateral thinking / six hat approach)


  • Promotion Agent

Targeted promotion of company name and image (Neutral approach to government-, industry- and public organizations) 

  • Relationship Broker

Contacting existing/prospective business partners for opinions, business opportunities and broader insider market knowledge (Neutral approach, relationship building, non-sales)

  • Networking Facilitator

Assistance for business contacts to organizations and networks (Neutral approach, access to strategic networks and contacts)